Introduction to Philosophy: Deducing Answers

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The Little Philosophy Book

Oxford University Press #ad - It then considers god, and spirituality; cosmology; freedom and responsibility; and morality and ethics, nature, ending with an examination of happiness and the meaning of life and the role of philosophy in determining both. The book goes on to examine consciousness, from Descartes' "I think, therefore I am" to phenomenology and the mind-body problem.

An ideal introduction for students and novices, The Little Philosophy Book does not provide any definitive answers to universal philosophical questions, but instead encourages readers to think for themselves and to integrate philosophy into their own lives. Major figures are listed at the end of each chapter.

Solomon leads students and other readers through an exploration of the self, and buddhist china, really?" "why are we here?" and "How should we live?" The Little Philosophy Book begins with a quick tour of ancient philosophy that ranges from Socrates' Greece, posing such questions as "Who are we, Daoist, the universe, and the nature of truth and morality, to Vedic India, to Confucian, and to the Middle East.

The Little Philosophy Book #ad - The little philosophy Book provides a concise and engaging introduction to deep and perennial philosophical questions. In a lively and accessible style, acclaimed author Robert C. Solomon covers topics that are often omitted from other introductions, spirituality, phenomenology, including existentialism, and death.

Throughout, he incorporates material on key figures and traditions in philosophy, showing how some of history's most important thinkers and movements have addressed fundamental philosophical issues.

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